Building Code0062
DescriptionClendenin Building
NotesScience & Mathematics Buildings Reservation Guidelines per Dean Anderson and Ryan Beckett A/V Clendenin & Science Instructions: 1. All CL & SC classrooms require TESA Card Access. For AV training, contact Ryan Beckett at least one week prior to event. 2. University Events can book rooms for all Clendenin & Science people. If a request comes from a department that is not part of the College of Science & Mathematics, then forward that request to Vickie Burris via email with a message that reads something like: Not in Science or Mathematics, please approve request. 3. Per Dean Anderson, CL Lobby general guidelines (of course there will always be VIP situations that will not follow these guidelines, but as a rule of thumb: - Half day is the max time limit for any single event booked in the lobby. - No Poster Sessions in lobby. (blocks foot traffic - safety concern) 4. All rooms have been defined with a 15 minute pre and post setup time at the request of Ryan Beckett. 5. Any requests for Saturdays and Sundays should first be approved with Vickie Burris.
Room Code1000A
DescriptionCL1000 Atrium (15)
Room TypePublic Corridor
Setup Hours0.50
Teardown Hours0.50
NotesThis space can only be reserved by filling out a Campus Event form. Existing Set up: 3 round tables, with 4 chairs each. Furniture cannot be moved. No AV during calsses.
Setup Types and Capacities
Setup TypeMin CapacityMax Capacity
See Details (Default)015
See Diagram015
No Features Defined